The Lifestyle of Faith

Strange, abnormal and confused. These are the labels that will be placed upon you when you’re living a lifestyle of faith. Such living, in fact, is so paradoxical to this world, it will be difficult for you to fit in. You’ll be told that your beliefs are “too radical” and that you follow biblical principles […]

The Repetition of History

Does history really repeat itself? According to the late American writer, Mark Twain, “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” But according to Scripture, King Solomon would not agree with that statement. In the book of Ecclesiastes, he writes, “History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun […]

Preventative Measures

Excerpt from the book: Warnings from the Garden: Uncovering the Wiles of Deception by Tavares Robinson Satan is persuasive and has the ability to turn a damnable lie into a perceived truth. That is the art of deception—to take what is supposed to damage our souls and make it believable. This is very dangerous because […]

Berean or a Galatian

In this post-truth era, it is not uncommon to hear Christians mock, slight, and even slander other Christians who do not subscribe or support the popular trends of the hour. This can be attributed to people, these days, more than likely accepting a viewpoint based on their emotions and beliefs, rather than accepting one based […]

Resting in the Arms of Lies

There is a lying spirit that has permeated this country; from governmental officials down to church officials, everyone has given themselves over to lies in order to pursue personal interests. We have clearly entered a post-truth age. How would one describe this epoch? It’s an age in which important objective facts are less influential in […]

The Agape Deception

Excerpt from the book, “The Utopia of a Strange Love: When the Love of God is Mishandled” by Tavares D. Robinson, Watchman Publishing The Agape Deception “God’s love for me is agape, and it is unconditional.” This phrase has been used so repeatedly among believers that to speak anything contrary is like signing one’s own […]

A Disturbing Diagnosis

We have entered into a very dark and immoral time that has accurately been defined as the post-truth age. What makes this epoch more hideous is that this particular belief system and mind-set has made its way into the house of God, and into the lives of the called-out ones. How would one describe a post-truth […]

Childish Leadership

By Tavares Robinson It’s amazing how many people pretend to live Spirit-filled lives until their denominational persuasion or political preferences are touched. In fact, the rivers of gross deception have risen and swept away many who you thought were sober-minded and biblically centered. We spend more time on social media “politicking” and “positioning,” rather than […]