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Hostility Within: A Prophetic Perspective Of The Church During The Pandemic
By Tavares D. Robinson

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, America’s sense of safety and trust was challenged on multiple levels. People faced the unknown of a new virus, restrictions to long-accepted freedoms, and rising death tolls. Conflicting voices from the medical field, politicians, mass and social media, and the church caused chaos. Judgment fell no matter what position one took. A perfect storm of division and distrust brewed as other social upheavals, particularly racial tensions, added to the mix.

In the church, you might be accused of living in fear if you wore a mask. If a pastor left church doors open during a shutdown, he might face criminal repercussions. Church attendance dwindled in the wake of it all, and some once ardent believers—both laypeople and leaders—have walked away. While church doors have reopened, the arguments have not ceased.

In Hostility Within, Tavares D. Robinson calls readers to examine their hearts through a close study of 2 Chronicles 18. The significant actors in the story reveal crucial patterns the church must recognize and understand to navigate the coming days. Robinson warns we will face continuing and worsened diabolical hatred, destructive divisiveness, disheartening betrayal, demoralizing offenses, disengaging lies, damaging relationships, deception and distrust. But we can’t afford to hide, and we can’t allow offenses to dominate our hearts or cause us to question God’s love.

There is hope and strength through coming together in biblical unity. By renewing our commitment to following Christ and understanding his word, the church can lead believers to the peace and victory of God’s kingdom promises.

About the Author

Tavares Robinson is the founder and senior pastor of Sound the Trumpet Ministries of Miami in Miami, Florida. He currently serves as the founder of Watchman Publishing. Robinson is also the author of Shepherds, Hirelings, and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference. The Lord has graced him to speak with a bold prophetic voice, which turns the hearts of people back to God. Robinson currently lives with his family in South Florida.