About Us

The Beginning
What was spoken in 2004, became a clear reality in 2018. Located in Miami, Florida, Watchman Publishing is a Christian publisher that seeks to edify the local church, by equipping individuals.

Our Purpose
Our motivation is to recover the voice of God, by His Word, in today’s print industry. Watchman Publishing strives to provide resources that seek to admonish, exhort, reprove, and encourage the church in the Last Days. We are committed to challenging our society with wholesome, biblical teaching that runs counter-culture to the current times. Our desire is to turn back our audience to the heart of God’s word; with the purpose of building up individuals in the unity of the faith and gaining a full knowledge of the Christ.

Our Mission
At Watchman Publishing our goal is to develop and display resources that undergird the following requirements:

  • Proclaiming the Lordship of Christ
  • Scripture Focused
  • Godliness in Quality
  • Polemics Awareness
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Prophetic in Voice
  • Apologetics in Message
  • Evangelism Centered
  • Eternity Driven

Privacy Policy

The following policy applies to usage of our website and orders placed thereon.

What information is collected?

We collect aggregate data—how many times a certain page is visited, for example—but we do not tie this data to your specific visit. We record search terms used so we can refine our search engine. We only collect personally identifiable information—your name, for example—when you sign up for an online account or newsletter, place an order, make a donation or contact us and provide this information.

Is my information shared?

Watchman Publishing respects your privacy and will not sell or share your information with anyone else.

What happens with my information?

If you place an order or provide a donation, you will receive any necessary communication from us relating to the purchase or donation. We may also send you newsletters and updates via postal mail or email, should you decide to opt-in to receive this information.