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The Utopia of a Strange Love: When the Love of God is Mishandled
By Tavares D. Robinson

They are ubiquitous these days—eloquent, charismatic preachers, speakers, teachers, and evangelists who skillfully argue that the essential message of Christianity is love. Love, so desired in both the Christian and secular worlds. Songs reflect the urgency to find love: “All we need is love. . .” “What the world needs now is love. . .” and perhaps one of the most heartrending, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” Some churches declare on their signboards, “Looking for love? Look no farther than here,” or something similar.

But there are other fundamentals of being a follower of Christ that the popular preachers often ignore. The lack of teaching on it is not just misleading but dangerous. In The Utopia of a Strange Love: When the Love of God is Mishandled, Tavares Robinson identifies the problem.

In this timely, thought-provoking book, he covers:

  • When history repeats itself
  • The secret meeting
  • The agape deception
  • Is love the greatest?
  • The golden calf of relevance, and more

A vital teaching like the love of God has been seriously misrepresented. And if our view of God is wrong, then the cross of Christ can be nullified. Robinson challenges readers to get back to the basics and recover the true historical meaning of God’s love. Read an excerpt...


About the Author

Tavares Robinson is the founder and senior pastor of Sound the Trumpet Ministries of Miami in Miami, Florida. He currently serves as the founder of Watchman Publishing. Robinson is also the author of Shepherds, Hirelings, and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference. The Lord has graced him to speak with a bold prophetic voice, which turns the hearts of people back to God. Robinson currently lives with his family in South Florida.